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'The Cry of Blood'. Report on Extra-Judicial Killings and Disappearances

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

2008, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights:

This is collection of complaints of executions and disappearance of persons attributed to the Kenya Police. This report contains a list of victims with details of their disappearance or execution, provided with description of the circumstances surrounding the violation.

more informationTable of contents:

Chapter One
1. Background
2. Methodology
3. Summary of key findings
4. Key Recommendations

Chapter Two

5. Details of findings of alleged executions, torture and other violations

  • Eyewitness Accounts
  • Other Mysterious Deaths and Disappearances

Chapter Three
6. Suspects released after intervention by the KNCHR and relatives

Chapter Four

  • Extracts from mortuaries’ records
  • The Killing Fields

Chapter Five
Adversely mentioned officers

7. Annex 1 – Background of Mungiki Movement

8. Annex 2 – Sample Pictures of Victims

9. Annex 3 – List of Disappearances and Executions

10. Annex 4 – Post Mortem Reports

11. Annex 5 – Mortuary Records


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