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The goodbye of Louis Joinet

The independent expert who has arguably the greatest history UN human rights has made his farewell yesterday to the Council human rights. And in presenting his last report Special Rapporteur for Haiti.

Louis Joinet

In 70 years, the French lawyer became known as a member of the Sub-commission on human rights, a mandate he has filled for 17 years. In this context, Louis Joinet criticised communist dictatorships of Eastern Europe and fascist regimes Latin America. These studies were the basis of UN texts against impunity, like  the International Convention against Enforced Disappearances

Thereafter, he participated in the creation of the Working Group against arbitrary detention within the Human Rights Commission mandate and during 6 years he visited prisons around the world.

Louis Joinet, therefore, concluded his 30-year career as Special Rapporteur for Haiti. Before giving way to another french, Michel Forst, the lawyer promoted a series of measures to improve and protect human rights in Haiti.

"It is not enough to ensure a return to rule of law, to hold elections and establish a parliament. However, this will forge a culture of political parties, "said Louis Joinet, before specifying that Haiti is "in the presence of a hybrid system, semi-parliamentary, semi-presidential hardly viable as long as the political class doesn't  have the will to organize to finally create a parliament with genuine majority, stable and with belief and on the other side an opposition with creative ability to lead the rotation. "

(Source: Tribune des Droits Humains Le dèpart de Louis Joinet (in French))